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Lowther Castle and back. The first pic was breakfast at Booth’s supermarket. The last at the same place. Both were good. I got lost on the way from Lowther Castle to Penrith so I knocked on someone’s window, enquired where was the nearest bus-stop. He took pity on me and got the company taxi to drive me to the bus station 5 miles away, as the driver had to send one of the employees to Penrith too. Northerners are nice people - much better than those filthy Londoners. I felt bad that I tried to tip the driver but he refused. He is a local and in his sixties. He said his brother lives in Grasmere and that Sting has a house there! But Sting only has been there twice in 3 years! Sting’s brother is looking after the house for him. ¬†Anyway what they say about Northerners is right, they are friendly, warm and sincere people. Ironically I find it easier to understand northerners in the North than noertherners in the South. I have an antipathy towards northerners in London partly because I don’t understand what they are saying but they are perfectly clear in the north despite guttural tones. I suppose northerners in the South adopt cockney pronunciations which makes it hard to decipher BOTH northern and southern pronunciations. And northerners ALWAYS pronounce their consonants. Southerners omit them, and add unnecessary vowels to everything. Like how now because naeow. Northerners shorten their vowels, which makes it easier to detect the original vowel. Whereas it is hard to make out a lengthened vowel, because you have to delete unnecessary sounds. Apart from the fact “come” becomes “coom” it is not hard to deduce what a northerner is saying. And Londoners have the cheek to insult Northern pronunciation. Why I, a foreigner, find it easier to understand Northerners, though my pronunciation is nothing like theirs (I speak with very little accent, and my English is considered good). My speech has somewhat improved, because I am relaxed. I feel so stressed in London it make me sound like a foreigner with funny accents. Up here I am relaxed so I sound more refined.

By the way DON’T GO TO LOWTHER CASTLE. I went there only to find it is only a ruin and no rooms, and restoration is being carried out to find out the hidden summerhouses and gardens overgrown by weeds. (Think the earl couldn’t afford to maintain it). Anyway because of this I didn’t go into the garden grounds, and didn’t pay the entrance fee, and I took photos of the outside. WHAT A CHEAT THE PHOTOS ON THE BROCHURE WERE STUNNING. Breakfast at 5 pounds is not cheap, but cheaper than London, where for 5 pounds you get far less. Maybe toast, baked beans, bacon and eggs. This would cost you 8 pounds in London I think.

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